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For Landowners

Welcome to the frontier of visitor attractions. Friendly Fox Designs provide a fusion of nature and technology to turn your land into a thriving community asset, all the while respecting its natural ecology and heritage.

Transform your land into a captivating educational experience with Friendly Fox Designs. Picture children exploring nature trails amidst cow parsley. Unleash the potential of your property while educating the next generation

Why Trails Are a Win-Win for Landowners

  1. Increased Land Value: A well-curated trail can significantly boost the value of your land. According to Smith's Land Value Report, lands with public trails see an average 12% increase in property value.

  2. Eco-Tourism: Trails attract local and international tourists alike, turning your land into a potential revenue source. In the UK alone, eco-tourism is growing by 6% annually, as per the Green Economy Report.

  3. Sustainable Management: Trails encourage responsible land use, tying in with national and global sustainability goals. This can make your land eligible for sustainability grants and other financial incentives.



Why Choose Friendly Fox Designs

  1. Elegant solutions: Our reasonably priced off the shelf trailed can be adapted to your environment quickly and easily with little disruption to the site. 

  2. Customisation and options: We can also tailor trails to your land's unique ecological and aesthetic characteristics, co-designing with you and your community. 

  3. Stewardship: Our services don’t end at installation. We provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure the trail remains an asset, not a liability.

  4. Data Insights: Receive regular reports on trail usage, engagement with the trail themes, and more, empowering you to make data-driven land management decisions.

  5. Community Engagement: Transform your land into a hub of educational and social activity, deepening ties within the community.

Ready to redefine the value and utility of your land? Contact Friendly Fox Designs today for a consultation.


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