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design services

We specialise in human centred design approaches and this can kick start any project, we can co-design with you and your users to get the right solutions. Our extensive experience allows us to offer research and design services to your own areas of innovation. Helping you understand your audience and design for them effectively can avoid expensive mistakes and ensure success.

To find out more about each service and the projects we have applied them to, click on a selection below. 


Design your nature related products


nature and children

We are experts in connecting young people to nature and have worked both digital and 3D design to achieve this goal. We can apply our knowledge to any product based on natural education themes from board games to apps. We have worked with a range of clients including Forestry England and University of Brighton

Boardperspectmore copy.jpg


We can create both three dimensional and digital designs for an exhibition space or festival event. These may be new exhibits or adding interactive features or activities to an existing display. Videos, quizzes, animations or just more imagery can increase learning or make the journey more fun.


UX design

We can take a user experience (UX) approach, which focusses on the context of use and people who use it,  including a range of methods to design digital or physical products from start to finish for example:

  • Co-design:Working with others- more here

  • Personas, to identify typical members of a target audience,

  • Scenarios to understand key situations

  • Card sorting to evaluate information architecture

  • Wireframes to test early ideas.

  • Adobe XD 


Understanding the needs of the audience or player can be vital to business innovation and design success. It is also critical to understand the context and we have developed an ‘experience map’ to ensure a full picture of the situation is developed, described in our blog on methods here. Methods are chosen with you, also referring to the Say, Do, Make (Think) framework.


Co-Design methods

We can apply a range of physical and digital techniques that children love to establish their requirements for a design. Our methods, including Characters and Stories (CAS) allow the child to work in a way that facilitates discussion and understanding between adult and child. We can arrange sessions to understand latent and emotional needs and get some creative ideas. For more information see our working with children page

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