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For Educators

You understand that education extends beyond the classroom walls. With Friendly Fox Designs, your institution can offer a unique outdoor learning experience that not only supports the curriculum but also fosters a love for the natural world.

Unlock the power of outdoor learning with Friendly Fox Designs. Our educational trails provide the perfect backdrop for hands-on learning about nature. Where even a squirrel's quest for a nut becomes a lesson in ecology.

Game Design Workshops

We don't just believe in education; we believe in engagement. Our game design workshops have received glowing reviews from both youngsters and educational providers. Partnering with Develop Outdoors, a CIC based in East Sussex, these sessions allow children to unleash their creativity in character and game design. The experience is enriching across multiple disciplines—nature, IT, and creative arts. What's more, children with special needs often find our motivational approach to design exceptionally beneficial for boosting their self-confidence.

Tailored Teaching Packs

We offer teaching packs and training sessions to local schools and organisations focused on child development. Whether your emphasis is on artistic storytelling or the technicalities of game development, we've got you covered.

Why Trails Benefit Educational Institutions​​

  1. Curriculum Support: Whether it's a science class studying local flora and fauna or a history lesson brought to life through historical markers, our trails offer real-world applications of classroom teachings.

  2. Student Well-being: Multiple studies, such as The Outdoor Education Journal, have shown that time spent outdoors can significantly reduce stress and improve mental health among students.

  3. Community Engagement: Trails open up opportunities for community service, interdisciplinary projects, and partnerships with local organisations, enriching your school’s role in the community.

Why Choose Friendly Fox Designs?

  1. On budget and next day solutions: We can supply our off the shelf mini trails as soon as they can be posted to you. They can be used in any natural space of your choice. 

  2. Customisation: Trails can also be co-designed with you and your pupils, effectively tailored to your educational objectives, whether it's enhancing STEM education, promoting physical activity, or offering artistic inspiration.

  3. Ongoing Support: Our job doesn't end when the trail is built. We offer periodic updates to keep your trail aligned with curriculum changes.

  4. Data Insights: Access data on trail usage, seasonal variations, and learning outcomes, helping you make informed decisions for future educational planning.


Expanding Educational Horizons

Our trails are designed to educate and entertain, but our commitment to education goes even further. Here's how we provide a deeper learning experience.

Nurture creativity and learning both inside and outside the classroom. Friendly Fox Designs offers tailored game design workshops that turn everyday subjects into extraordinary educational experiences
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