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Discover the transformative power of Augmented Reality (AR) trails with Friendly Fox Designs. Whether you're a council, museum, an educational institution, or a private landowner, our trails offer a compelling blend of environmental stewardship, educational value, and community engagement.

HOst a trail

Why HOst a Trail?

Visitor Attraction: Families and their children are always looking for new and educational activities. They will flock to your site and will be obsessed with the characters, stories and media content that appears. 

Educational: You will be doing your bit for conservation by installing an interactive nature trail that will educate the audience about the significance of habitats and biodiversity. Equally a heritage trail can draw people to important exhibits and understand their significance. 

Accessibility: Adding media can make content more available to young people who mostly get their world view through video, we can also add annotation and sound tracks that will allow those with hearing or sight impairment to access information.

All ages: We have options to suit all audiences, but our children's trails can replace expensive play equipment and additionally appeal to older kids. 

Cost Effectiveness: Our ready made trails are innovative and yet reasonably priced compared with alternative attractions. 

Repeat Visits: The trails can adapt easily for the seasons or different occasions, just by changing the media, making visitors want to return. 

Customisable: We can tailor a trail to your needs through a co-design process, with stakeholders or your audience to match the content at your site. 

More specific information about the benefits for particular uses is linked below: 


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