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Two young explorers immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the woods, showcasing the enriching experiences our nature trails offer to families and educators alike

Interactive Trails for Entertainment, Community and Conservation

Meet Friendly Fox, the charming guide of our interactive nature trails. Designed to engage both young learners and educators, our fox takes you on an educational journey through British woodlands.

Welcome to Friendly Fox Design, where we blend education and play to create interactive trails that captivate people and enrich spaces. Specialising in Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, our trails and interactive signage can foster a lifelong love for nature or learning, but also attract new faces to your land. Designed to promote understanding and drive meaningful engagement with wild spaces, our trails offer a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Our adventures take screens outdoors, promoting exercise and care for the environment.

Who we work with:


  • Increase amenities in public areas

  • Foster community engagement and social capital

  • Improve respect and maintenance of green spaces


  • Elevate visitor experiences

  • Boost footfall and support the visitor economy.

  • Co-design trails that lead people to features or activities at your location


  • Implement game-based learning to boost natural science and IT curricula

  • Enhance student engagement 

  • Offer game design workshops

With Friendly Fox Design, you're investing in future-proof solutions that entertain, educate and inspire.


Meet the Founder: Dr. Cate Grundy

Our trails were based on years of research and co-design with communities, landowners, councils and parents to ensure they are the ideal solution. They were originally based on a PhD carried out by our founder, Dr Cate Grundy focussed on ways to engage those children and families who were less likely to spend time in natural environments, for social or cultural reasons.  Learn more about our mission to connect children with nature through interactive trails and educational programs as they present the future of the planet.

Co-Designing: No Assumptions, Just Insights

We can supply ready made trails that have already undergone thorough research, but are also able to create bespoke design applications through a dedicated co-design process. This can be important, especially when creating new experiences for children. 

Anita Druin once said, "Children have their own likes, dislikes, curiosities, and needs that are not the same as adults, parents, or teachers."  It's easy, and often costly, to presume we know what others want in a design. This collaborative approach not only brings valuable perspective but often leads to the inclusion of children's own creations in our trails.

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