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interactive trails

Our interactive trails can be situated in most environments, augmenting the real world with characters and stories to deepen understanding, introduce games and provide activities to support learning and movement.

They use Augmented Reality (AR) providing a state of the art, innovative attraction.

Our productions can provide a fixed trail in your location, allowing you to guide people around your site according to your requirements, finding particular attractions or learning more about what can be found in your space.

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What do they look like ?

Animations, videos and activities can be triggered by:

  • ordinary signage installed quickly and easily,

  • existing images in your space

  • sculptures and physical 3D installations

  • or they can just be digital, using by satellite location (GPS) without any physical installation.


The player downloads a free App. 

characters & stories

Players are guided through particular locations to carry out a 'secret mission' with an engaging narrative and characters. The storylines were co-designed with young people and designed to address key emotional needs.  The characters come to life through Augmented Reality and ask players to do activities, designed with wildlife experts, in the real environment. Rewards and other mechanisms also increase motivation.

why a mobile device?

A mobile phone or tablet is required which helps to encourage reluctant young people to engage. There are barriers to accessing green spaces for some people in society. Issues can range from lack of awareness of its benefits, distance, fear of encountering creatures or strangers, to a perception of nature being simply boring. Evidence also shows that children from disadvantaged and urban areas are more likely to be impacted. There are also many indoor distractions, including TV and digital devices. Our games leverage excitement for games and technology by taking screens outdoors to create empathy with the environment. 

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